A node is a section of logic which controls what message should be pushed to visitor. IntelliTicks comes with a variety of nodes which will help you create engaging conversations.

List of different nodes available:-

  1. Text - to display a simple text as a message

  2. Image - To provide an image with a text message.

  3. Quick Reply - Its like a multiple choice question

  4. Quick Reply (with branches) - similar to Quick Reply, but the subsequent messages in conversations differ based on the user's selection

  5. Form - to create a small form for information collection

  6. Datepicker - to collect a date input from the visitor

  7. Jump to node - If you have wish to re-use the same conversation created somewhere else, you can use Jump to node to hook the visitor to that node in the conversation.

  8. Go to Playbook - If you have created a playbook and wants to hook the visitor to that playbook, use this node.

  9. URL redirect - This is to simulate a URL redirection

  10. User Input/Wait - just waits for specified time for the user's input

  11. Connect with Agent - This node sends alerts to human agents so that they can join the conversations

  12. End Automation - This ends the automated messaging

  13. Conditional branching - to create different subsequent dialogs based on various parameters and conditions written in JavaScript.

  14. Custom Node - to create dynamic nodes based on some logic written in JavaScript.

  15. JSON API - to create dynamic nodes based on a JSON API call.