Your First Playbook

Your IntelliTicks account comes with a "Default" playbook. It is good to get started. Here in this tutorial we will learn how to create a new default playbook for your website.

A Sample "Tour Package" related playbook

Assume a business running a travel company wants to have an engaging playbook to hook its visitors and wants to create a sample playbook. Here, we will walk you through the steps to create such playbook and to make it the default conversation on the website.

Steps to create your a "Tour Package" playbook

Only users with "Owner" role can access AI-Builder.

  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the "Add Playbook" button

  • Click on Add Playbook, it will ask for Playbook Name. Provide name "Travel" (or anything you like) and click Ok.

  • You will see a new playbook created with name Travel like this

  • Click on Add Dialogue, It will ask you to choose a node type. Select Quick Reply (with branches) and click on Add Node.

  • You will see a Dialog created in Travel Playbook. Click on the View button.

  • You will enter a blank Dialogue with an empty node Quick Reply (with branches). Click on the Edit icon represented as pencil

  • You will see the edit panel of Quick Reply with branches node.

    • In the Text Message, enter

    Are you planning a trip?

    • Add Text Variation if you wish to have different starting messages which keep changing every few seconds until the visitor engages with any one of them.

    • For the tutorial, lets add this in Text variation. You can add more variations if you wish to.

    We plan hand-curated tours by experts. Would you like us to help you plan?

    • Add Quick Reply, to add options to your questions

      • Add "Yes"

      • Add "No"

    • Leave all other options as default.

    • It will look like this. Click on Save to save this node.

Text variations are optional and only available for the first Trigger question. These are just variation of starting message and rest of the conversation is same.

  • Now you will be back to Dialog Screen with a filled Quick Reply (with branches) node with two options Yes and No.

  • Click on Yes, you will see a button Add Node like this

  • Click on Add Node, you will see a list of options to add.

  • Choose Text as the next Node and Add it.

  • Edit the Text node and add message

    Sure. I will help you plan your trip.

  • Choose Quick Reply as the next node to this Text node.

  • Edit the Quick Reply node and do this

    • In the Text Message, enter

    What kind of tour are you planning?

    • In the Add Quick Reply, add these option

    1. A Romantic Trip 2. A Family Trip 3. A Trip with Friends 4. A Solo Trip

    • By default, the orientation of these nodes is Horizontal, you can change it to Vertical as the options text is longer.

    • Set Actions on user engagement with this node by clicking on Actions on Response > Click on Add action on Response button

    • You will see a popup window asking you to chose action. Choose the Action Type Save as Profile Attribute and put Attribute value as "tour_type". When the user makes a selection on this Quick Reply for a trip type, the chosen value will be saved in his profile as "tour_type".

You can also add specific actions to different Quick Reply Options.

Example :-

if you want to add a profile attribute like "number_of_persons_travelling" and want to set them to 2 when the visitor opts for A Romantic Trip, you can do that by clicking on that Option, and under each option, you will find Actions on Quick Response where you can add option specific actions.

  • Save the Quick Reply node and Add "Text" node as the next node.

Quick Reply (with branches) Vs Quick Reply

Quick Reply (with branches) has a different sequence of messages for each option selected. As in this tutorial, when the visitor chooses Yes, the playbook tries collecting the information for the itinerary creation. However, in a Quick Reply after the option selection by visitor, the followup messages are same for each option.

  • Edit Text node, add Cool!

  • Save the Text node.

  • Add Form node next

  • Edit Form node and do this

    • In the Text before Question, enter

    Help me with a few details so that I can provide you with the best itineraries we have.

    • In the Questions, Add Info Question like this

      • Email

      • Phone

    • In the Text after Question, enter

    Thanks for the details.

  • Save the Form.

  • Now add Datepicker node next

  • Edit Datepicker and do this

    • In the Text message add

    What is your tentative start date?

    • Set Allow old dates as No

  • Save the DatePicker

  • Now, we will end the conversation and hook the visitor to the FAQ playbook. Hooking with FAQ playbook makes the platform to handle user queries.

  • Add Go to Playbook as the next node.

  • Edit Go to Playbook and do this

    • In the Connecting Text when going to this playbook, add thisThanks I have got your request. My team will soon connect with you help you plan your trip.

    • Save Go to Playbook node.

  • Your playbook is ready.