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IntelliTicks is an AI-powered Live Chat platform for Sales (with human fallback). It helps businesses get 2X more leads by being 70% more online than traditional Live Chat.
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IntelliTicks is used to engage with website or facebook page users and convert them into leads. It is deployed in different modes.

As a chat plugin on the website

You can deploy IntelliTicks chat plugin on your website by simply put our JavaScript code on it. Learn More
Website Page with IntelliTicks Widget

As a conversational landing page

You can use conversation direct link to engage with your users.
URL Based Conversation
For organic traffic, use the chat plugin option. For PPC and other campaigns, use the conversational landing page mode.

As a facebook messenger bot

You can also deploy conversation flow on your facebook page to engage with users and convert them into lead. Learn More
Facebook messenger bot
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