White-labeled Chat Platform

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, an IT Service Company, and an Enterprise looking for a white-labeled version of the IntelliTicks, you can send your request to sales@intelliticks.com

Plans 🎯

We have three White-label plans to meet every need.


Billed Yearly

Partner Discount on Usage Charges







Limited Time Offer

  • Get $1000 worth of redeemable credits with each plan on joining and at every renewal

  • You can use these credits to pay usage charges for your client accounts.

  • Credits can only be used for Website & Messenger Chatbots. They are not applicable to WhatsApp Bots.



White-labeled Web Application

with your brand name, your logo and your URL

White-labeled Integration Apps

IntelliTicks has a lot of integrations available such as Facebook messenger, Zapier, HubSpot, ZOHO CRM, etc. By default, the user would see IntelliTicks branded apps during authorisation process. With white-labeled integration apps, you can have these apps in your brand's name.

White-labeled Mobile Apps

Android and IOS Apps White-labeled with your brand name and logo

Terms & Conditions

  • The White-label Plan subscription fee only covers the Maintenance Charges of the platform. Platform Usage Charges have to be paid separately.

  • Our Standard Pricing would be applicable to each of the accounts created under the white-label partner account. You are free to charge any amount to your customers. Link to our Standard Pricing

  • There is NO FREE Plan under the white-label partnership.

  • All accounts will receive 15-days of the FREE Trial period.

  • The redeemable credits come with a validity of 365 days and will lapse if unused.

Getting Started

What we need to setup your white-labelled chat platform?

  1. A website domain where you would like to host your chatbot platform. Also, create a CNAME entry in your DNS and point it to app.intelliticks.com

  2. CDN domain(optional). Also, create a CNAME entry in your DNS and point it to cdn.intelliticks.com

  3. Logo

    1. Square logo of 128x128 px

    2. Rectangle logo of 256x34px

  4. Email address to be used for automated emails sent to your endusers from the platform such as Account Creation Email, Forgot Password Email etc. We will also need the authorisation to send emails on your behalf.


How much time will it take to setup the white-label chat platform?


Time to go Live

1-2 days

1-2 weeks

2-3 weeks


We will work with your team initially for the first 5 customers so that you get familiar with our platform. We will also provide priority support for you so that you are not stuck anywhere during the on-boarding of your clients.

Chatbot Development Services

We also provide Professional Services to set up and the train chatbot as per the client's requirements. These services will have an additional cost depending on the complexity of the chatbots.




If you have any questions, kindly connect with us at sales@intelliticks.com

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