A form is used to create a small incremental form for information collection. It is incremental in nature which means if the form needs to collect multiple attributes, it will first ask only one attribute and will wait for the visitor's response. Only when the visitor has provided the response, it will ask the next question.


  • Text before Question - The message that is displayed before form questions appear

  • Questions - List of questions that will be asked as a part of this form

  • Text after Question - The message is displayed after all the Form questions are answered.


Questions are various attributes you can collect in a Form style input.

Types of Questions

  1. Email - Collects Email and sets it as the email of the visitor

  2. Name - Collects Name and sets it as the name of the visitor

  3. Phone - Collects phone number and sets it as the phone of the visitor

  4. Text - Simulates a multi-line text input

  5. Regex - This is an advanced option. It is a single input line text box and you can use JavaScript's Regex expression to check the validity of the response before accepting it.

Fields in a Question

  • Text - It is simply the heading of the question. Whatever you add here will be shown above the input box.

  • Fail Msg - It is the message displayed when the visitor's response is not valid as shown below

  • Validation - (only available in Regex type Question). It is the regex expression against which the validation is done.

    • Some commonly used expression are

      • To accept any kind of input use - .*

      • To accept only numbers use - \d+

      • To accept alphanumeric input use - \w

    • Here is the guide to create regular expressions - click here

If there is a Form node with attributes like Email/ Phone/ Name and if any of such attribute is already captured during some other conversation, the question for that known attribute is skipped. If all the questions are skipped, the entire Form node along with Text before Question & Text after Question is skipped.


Two types of Actions are available

  • Actions on Entry - These Actions are executed as soon as the Form node is reached during a conversation.

  • Actions on Question - If you click and expand any of the Question, under the expanded panel you will see there are Actions on Question. These actions are specifically tied to the Question you have chosen. So you can use these to do perform different actions on different questions answered by the visitor.

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