Affiliate Partnership

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, an IT Service Company, or even an Individual looking to Partner with IntelliTicks as a Reseller, you can send your request to

Affiliate Partnership

You can partner with IntelliTicks as an Affiliate and help us in getting more sales leveraging your marketing and sales channels and in return, we pay you a commission for the sales.

How do you get your commission?

We keep a track of all the customers that are coming through your channels. While Registering with us, they just have to enter the affiliate code that we provide you with.

You get a 30% commission on every $1000 worth of payments made to IntelliTicks (exclusive of taxes).

How to become our Affiliate Partner and get your Affiliate Code?

To get your Affiliate Code you have to send the following details at

For Companies:

  • Company Name

  • Company Email

  • Company Address

  • GSTIN/Tax ID

  • PAN Number (For Indian Companies)

For Individuals:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • PAN Number (For Indian Companies)

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