Google Analytics

You can integrate IntelliTicks with Google Analytics to track your conversions from Google Analytics Console. This is a step-by-step guide to setup your Google Analytics Integration.

Find your Google Analytics Tracking Id

To find tracking id:

  • Click Admin from left menu (usually at the bottom).

  • From the Admin panel, Click on Property Settings from the second column.

  • In Property Settings, you will see a Tracking Id starting with UA-

Keep this tracking id copied somewhere as we will need it to integrate with IntelliTicks

Integrating Tracking Code with IntelliTicks

To integrate Google Analytics

  • Switch on the Google Analytics App.

  • Enter your Google Analytics Tracking Id in the text box and click anywhere outside.

  • The Tracking Id will be auto-saved.

  • Your integration with Google Analytics is done.

How to view Conversions in Google Analytics

To view conversions:

  • Under Behavior, Click on Events & then Click on Top Events

  • In the Top Events panel, you will see a table with one column named Event Category. Under that you will see "intelliticks" event category. Click on that.

If you are not able to see "intelliticks" in the Event Category column, try these two steps

  • Try simulating a user session by visiting the web-page where the bot is deployed

  • Changing the date range to include dates with Google Analytics enabled.

  • In the panel inside, you will see a column - Event Action. Under the column, you will see "lead" and "conv" event action. Click on that to view your lead conversion analytics.

  • The graph shown is the graph of leads converted via IntelliTicks.

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