Payment node is used to accept payment from the users

The payment gateway is secured by Razorpay and the end user can pay through Card, Netbanking, Mobile Wallet and UPI transfer


  • Text Message - The message that is to be shown to the end user.

  • Razorpay Key (required) - Enter the Razorpay Key associated with your companies Razorpay account. You can generate the key by logging in to your razorpay account

  • Product Amount (required) - The amount to be charged for the product selected by the user. Default currency is INR and the amount figure has to be in Paise (If amount to be charged is 10 INR then figure entered should be 1000).

  • Merchant Name - Enter the name of your company

  • Product Description - A brief description of the product selected by the user.

  • Pay Button Text - The text that is shown on the Pay Button (In the above image the text is 'Pay Now').

Different chat flow can be made depending on the success or failure of the payment just like in a Quick reply (with branches) node.

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