Even if you are completely new to the IntelliTicks platform, getting started is quick and easy! Just follow these steps to create your account and start building your first conversation flow.

Create your account

If you have already created an account, you can directly go to account login page to follow further steps and skip this step

To create a New IntelliTicks account

  1. Enter your account information, and then choose create account

  2. When you receive an email confirmation message, select the link to confirm your account.

Hurry! 🤩 You have successfully created your Intelliticks Account.

Basic Setup and Deployment

After successfully creating and verifying an account you have to follow some basic steps to setup and deploy your first chatbot.

IntelliTicks Plugin Script

Try out our sample Bots

Learn from directly working on platform AI Builder, see our sample bots in action. We also offer these all pre-build bots on our platform which are ready to deploy templates with minimal customisation.

Browse Sample Bots 🤖

Learn about AI Builder

AI Builder section is the brain of our platform where we build, config and deploy conversations for the users. Here we showing how a newly created accounts AI Builder Looks like.

What is a Playbook in AI Builder?

To adding questions and creating conversations for users, we created an easy-to-use interface playbook.

Playbook is a set of questions or conversations, through which you can engage better with the visitors. These conversations, once designed, can operate without any human intervention, and help in converting the visitors of your website to lead. Learn More

Build your first playbook

Follow our build your first playbook guide to build your first playbook only in ten minutes! 🚀

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