An action is an automated event which is executed when the visitor reached any particular stage in the conversation.

List of different actions available:-

Add Tags

This action is used to add Tags to the profile of the visitor. You can specify multiple tags using a comma-separated list.

Set Lead Stage

This action is used to set Lead Stage of the visitor.

Available lead stages are

  • Visitor

  • Engaged

  • Lead

  • LeadNurtured

  • QualifiedLead

  • Customer

  • Competition

  • Careers

  • Others


This action is to send alerts to human agents. This will move the conversation to incoming conversations and will send alerts over browser and mobile apps.

Set Profile Attribute

This action is used to set a profile attribute of the visitor with a specified value. Specify both the Attribute and the Value here.

If the Attribute was already set, the value will be overwritten.

Attribute name is an alphanumeric string with only underscore "_" as the special character allowed. The first letter should be an alphabet and only lowercase alphabets are allowed.

Save as Profile Attribute

This action is used to save the user's response as the value of a profile attribute for the visitor. Just specify the Attribute. The Value will be taken from the user's response for the node on which the Action is added.

If the Attribute was already set, the value will be overwritten.

Set Persona

Sets the persona of the visitor to the specified value.

Send Lead Email

Sends a New-Lead Email about the visitor to human agents. This only works if either of mobile number or email is already captured at some previous stage in the conversation.

Change Input Box State

This is use to change the visibility of the text input box at the bottom of the chat window. You can choose make Input Box Hidden or Visible using this.

Close Chat Widget -

Use this to auto-minimize the chat window

Add Temporary Attribute (Advanced)

Use this to set a temporary profile attribute of the visitor. This attribute remains valid only during the current session of the visitor.

Remove Temporary Attribute (Advanced)

Use this to remove the temporary attribute that was set using the Add Temporary Attribute variable.

Add Temporary Attribute and Remove Temporary Attribute are advanced actions. Please consult or take help from IntelliTicks team before using this.