Custom/in-house CRM integration

This article explains IntelliTicks' capability to integrate with your customized
IntelliTicks can be integrated with your custom CRM. For that you need to provide API details.
When IntelliTicks captures email or phone number, it will make an API call to your system to create the lead. Subsequently when other profile data is captured on chat, it will make API calls to update the lead. Below are the API requirements. Below are the requirements:
  • All API calls should have accept JSON payload/FORM post in the request body.
  • Optionally you can authorize your API calls with fixed Authorization keys in headers, query string or body.
  • Follow one of the given method to update the lead
    • Create a separate API calls to create the lead and update the lead. In create API return lead id in JSON body, which will be used in subsequent update calls.
    • Create just one API call and write a logic on server which reads email id and phone number from payload and identifies from the database if its new lead or existing lead.
Below are the sample API calls which would be made from IntelliTicks server
Create Lead
Update Lead (Optional)
Once you are ready with the API endpoints, please share the same with your point of contact to get it updated.