Notify Agent

Notif Agent node is used to sends alerts to human agents. Normally, if AI bots are not able to understand any visitor's provided text, it will transfer them to Transfer playbook which by default has a Notif Agent node.

A Connect with Agent nodes moves the conversation to Incoming Conversations & sends alerts on browser and mobile.

When the conversation reaches this node, the automation gets paused until the timeout occurs.


Two types of Actions are available

  • Actions on Entry - These Actions are executed as soon as the Connect With Agent node is reached during a conversation.

  • Actions on Response - These Actions are executed if any response is received from the end visitor.

  • Actions on Timeout - These Actions are executed after the timeout has occurred.


By default, it is set to "Waits forever" and the conversation is stuck until the user provides any response.

You can also set a fixed timeout. If you have set a fixed timeout, the conversation waits for the specified time before moving forward.

You can also set the timeout to "Does not wait". This will just alert the human agents and the conversation will move forward.

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