The Wait node does nothing. It just stops the execution of the conversational flow. It, however, comes with a timeout feature and can be used to simulate a wait time before pushing new messages to the visitor.

A wait of a Wait node is over if it accepts any kind of input response from the visitor. The input response could be a simple text message sent by visitor.


Two types of Actions are available

  • Actions on Entry - These Actions are executed as soon as the User Input/Wait node is reached during a conversation.

  • Actions on Response - These Actions are executed after the response is received from the end visitor.

  • Actions on Timeout - These Actions are executed if no response is received from the end visitor and the timeout has occurred.


By default, it is set to "Waits forever" and the conversation is stuck until the user provides any response.

You can also set a fixed timeout. If you have set a fixed timeout, the conversation will wait for the user's response for the specified time. The conversation will move forward if any of the response or the timeout event occurs.

You can also set the timeout to "Does not wait". This looks weird but it can be used to do some actions without having a node.

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