Quick Reply (with branches)

A Quick Reply (with branches) is like a multiple choice question with one correct answer. The options (or choices) are shown as clickable buttons.

Difference between the Quick Reply & Quick Reply (with branches) is that the normal Quick Reply has a linear conversational flow. So after the execution of normal Quick Reply the flow proceeds to the next node. However for Quick Reply (with branches), each option has a different conversational flow.

Example - For a Yes/No kind of question, A Quick-Reply with branches) is a better choice as a person saying "Yes" will have a different sequence of messages and another person saying "No" will have different.


  • Text Message - The message that is displayed before the options

  • Options - List of options that will be shown along with the text message

Options Display Mode

There are two type of modes available

  • Horizontal (default)

  • Vertical


Three types of Actions are available

  • Actions on Entry - These Actions are executed as soon as the Quick Reply (with branches) node is reached during a conversation.

  • Actions on Response - These Actions are executed after the response is received from the end visitor. You can use these to save the choices made by visitor in their profile attributes.

  • Actions on Quick Response - If you click and expand any of the options provided, under the expanded panel you will see there are Actions on Quick Response. These actions are specifically tied to the option you have chosen. So you can use these to do perform different actions on different options chosen by the visitor.


By default, it is set to "Waits forever" and the conversation is stuck until the user provides any response.

You can also set a fixed timeout. But if you set a fixed timeout, you will also have to specify what to do when the timeout happens. (Unlike Quick Reply node, Quick Reply (with branches) node had no default sequence of nodes). To add a branch, you will have to click on "On Timeout" button to add a sequence of nodes to be executed on timeout.

On Timeout button is only visible when a fixed wait time is set for the Quick Reply (with branches) node.

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