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This article explains how to customise chat bot landing page according to your website.
Follow these steps to set your playbook as the default playbook:
    Create a chat bot landing page.
    Right click on the chat-bot landing page and go to "view page source".
    A new tab will open, copy all the contents of that page.
    Paste the content in your website.
Steps To add the page in your WordPress website
    Login to your WordPress account and navigate to dashboard.
    Go to the pages section.
    Click on "Add New" .
    Press "Ctrl + shift +Alt + M" it will change the editor.
    Click on Add title and Add title of your choice for the page.
    Paste everything you previously copied under the column "Insert Script to <head>".
    Paste the following in the column just below "Add Title".
<body class="iticks-landing">
    Click on Publish on the top Right corner of the page.
    And you are done. The chat bot URL will be customised according to your website.
Last modified 1yr ago
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