A Gallery node is use to create a horizontally scrollable carousel of generic card templates. It look likes this.

Gallery is made up of the card elements and card element is a simple structured message that includes a title, subtitle, image, and up to three buttons.


  • Card Element (required) - The card that needs to be pushed to the gallery message.

  "title": "<card title>", //required
  "subtitle": "<card subtitle>",
  "image_url": "<card img url>",
  "buttons": ["<LINK_NODE_OBJECT>",...] //array of links node

Best Practices

Use for messages with a consistent information hierarchy (e.g., product or article previews, weather forecasts).

Use the correct aspect ratio for your image. Photos in the card template that aren't 1.91:1 will be scaled or cropped. (recommended image size 240 * 140 pixels)

Don’t use if your message doesn't have structured information or require hierarchy.

Don't use if you need people to be able to zoom your image to full screen.

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