Zapier Integration

You can build a Zapier Integration to instantly connect with 1,500+ apps. This is a step-by-step guide to set up IntelliTicks with other apps using Zapier.

1. Access API Credentials

Go to the IntelliTicks Settings page in the Admin Console and at the Developers Tab, you would find API Credentials. Note down the API credentials including Client Id and Secret Key as it will be used in the Step-5
API Credentials

2. Get Access To IntelliTicks Trigger on Zapier

Click the below link to build a Zap with IntelliTicks to get started.
Once, you reach the Zapier Website. You need to click on the Accept Invite and Build the Zap.
Click the Accept Invite Button to access Zapier Website.

3. Making a Zap

Here, you can create your personal Zap Trigger. Search for the name "IntelliTicks" in the Choose App & Event Search bar
Search for IntelliTicks and Select it to create Zap.

4. Choose Trigger Event

Choose the Trigger Event out of the 2 options provided in the drop down list.
Choose the trigger option
There are two Trigger Events:
New Lead Event -> It gets triggered whenever an engaged user becomes a lead (whenever either of the email address and mobile number is captured for the first time)
Update Attribute -> It gets triggered every-time any user's profile attributes gets captured or updated after the new lead event. It may get triggered multiple times for the same user, each time with some updates.
After choosing the event, Click the Continue Button to move to the next part.

5. Authorizing Zapier to Access IntelliTicks account

Use the Information collected in Step 1 to authorize the Zapier to access your IntelliTicks account.
Access the Account option to create the Zap

6. Find Sample Data

After Authorizing Zapier, you will see your account and you can Test the API call to fetch the sample data.
Test the Connection
After the Test is done, you will get the sample data. You can use the fields available in the sample data for your action app in the Zap.
Sample Data is pulled
Sample of the data available.
Check the full list of data points available during the events triggered by IntelliTicks for Zapier here.

7. Select & configure the App to integrate

Apps to integrate
Choose the app to parse the data and configure it.

8. Turn on the Zap & Enjoy.

Once, your Zapier is configured. Turn on your Zap. You will start getting your lead data to Zapier and other app you integrated.