A node is a section of logic which controls what message should be pushed to visitor. IntelliTicks comes with a variety of nodes which will help you create engaging conversations.

List of different nodes available

Add and Send Data

Collect User Data

Redirect Users

Export & Import

Connect Users To A Human


Templatization of the text

In the text of above nodes we support templatization to personalize the text. You can use enclose fields of user object in {{ }} and our system will fill the value of enclosed variables in before sending message to each user. Below are some of the examples on how to use it.

  1. {{name}} to use name of user, if user has entered it already in the chat earlier. For example in the text node you can use: Hi {{name}}, what are you looking for?

  2. {{city}} to use city(based on IP address). For example: Hi {{name}}, do you live in {{city}}?

  3. To use any profile field(eg product) which was saved using "save as profile field" action use {{profile.product}}. For example: Hi {{name}}, are you looking for {{profile.product}}

  4. To use temporary attributed(eg plan) which was saved using "save as temporary variable" action, use {{context.plan}}.

User Object

Below is the complete user object which contains all of the supported fields.

    name:'',//name of user if entered via form node
    email: '',//email of user if entered via form node
    phone: '',//phone of user if entered via form node
    ip: '',//IP address of user
    city: '',//City of user based on IP
    region: '',//Region/state of user based on IP
    country: '',//Country of user based on IP
    country_code: '',//2 letter ISO country code based on IP
    stage: '',//Lead Stage of user such as Lead, Engaged
    visitor_number: '',//Visitor number of user
    visit_count: '',//Number of times user visited your website
    conv_start_page: '',//URL of the page where chat was started
    curr_page: '',//Current URL(from where last message was sent)
    referrer: '', //Referrer contains the address of the previous web page from which a link to the landing page was followed
    landing_page: '',//URL of the page where user came for the first time
    profile: {
        //any of the custom fields which saved using action "set profile attribute" or "save to profile attribute"
    tags:[],//tags of user
        //any of the temp variables which saved to temporary variables using actions
    external: {
        hubspot_id: '',//hubspot lead id of integration is on
        zoho_id: '',//zoho lead id if integration is on
        leadsquared_id: '',//leadsquared lead if integration is on
        leadsquared_client_id: '',//leadsquared id from browser cookie if integration is on
        googleanalytics_id: ''//ga id of user from browser cookie if integration is on

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