Start with Pre-build Templates

We provide different categories pre-build playbook templates which are easy to use

Why use a Pre-Build Playbook Template?

You can find many pre-build playbook templates in our platform, and all of them were designed by our professional chatbot builder employees. If you’re new in playbook building, a template is a great place to start because it can give you inspiration and guidance.

You don’t even have to use the entire template. It’s often enough to preview the template, use it into AI builder to see how each feature was built, and then apply those ideas or concepts to your own playbook or just simply customise it as your business use case.

How to use a Pre-Built Playbook Templates?

1. Using Pre-build playbook template is super easy, after clicking on 'Create Playbook' card on AI builder section, You will see all the available templates on UI with right side categories panel.

2. If you come across a template that interests you, simply click on that template to preview it's conversation flow.

3. If you find best fit template for your business use case simply click on "Use this template" button and you will get a copy of that pre-build template playbook on your AI Builder section. From there, you can test and edit it to fit your business use case.

That's it, you made your first playbook by pre-build templates just test it by "Test Now" button from bottom right side and your playbook is ready to deploy for your users.

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