FAQ Training

It allows you to train the NLP engine with your FAQs so that AI can understand user's queries and answer them automatically.

Please read the introduction in order to understand how FAQ works.


In the previous articles you have learned about how to create conversational flows and deploy them. There are some users who do not select given options from the flow but type some other query they might be having.

For example chatbot flow is asking them to know more about product features but user is interested in pricing. So user might type a query like "how much it would cost" or "What are the charges" etc. To automate responses of such queries, you can train the NLP engine with the sample FAQ queries. After that NLP engine will try to match the similarity of query with the training data you have provided(It does not do the exact matching). If it finds user's query closer to the training data, it would respond with the configured response automatically. Otherwise it will trigger the transfer playbook to transfer the chat to human.

Steps to configure the FAQs

  • Please go to AI builder(in left menu) -> FAQs

  • In the FAQs section you can see the currently trained queries.

  • Click on "+Create FAQ" link to create a faq. Give any relevant name such as pricing, product feature etc.

If your account is not enabled with FAQ feature, please contact support@intelliticks.com

  • In the left section "if user says something similar to" enter a phrase or query user might have. Press enter to add it to the list. Similarly add multiple variations of the same query. The more variations you add, better it would work but be sure to add phrases similar to user queries without any spelling mistakes, rather than entering only keywords.

  • In the right section you can provide responses to the above queries. It is discussed in the separate section below.

Type of responses

There are 2 type of responses

  • Simple text response: if someone asks "is there any job opening", there can be simple text response saying "Yes! we have few openings, Please share your resume at careers@intelliticks.com"

  • Playbook response: When response is not just a plain text, or list of texts but whole decision tree.

IntelliTicks allows you to add multiple responses. There can be only one playbook response and it can be the last response only.

Below is the screenshot of FAQ configuration with Playbook response.

Below is the screenshot of FAQ configuration with text response.

Improving AI training based on real user data

Once the above is configured, AI will start answering queries based on the training data automatically. To further add more training data based on real user's interactions, you can download all queries and train the bot with unmatched queries. Below are the steps to download queries.

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