Facebook Retargeting

Chatbot interactions capture a lot of metrics and data of your visitor. This guide tell you how you can leverage these interactions in creating Custom Facebook Audience that you can retarget & convert

Step 1 - Add Facebook Pixel

Add the Facebook Pixel code to your webpages where the chatbot is live. To learn how to add the Facebook Pixel code on your website - please refer to this link.

Step 2 - Add Custom Events to your Chatbot Flow

In your chatbot flow, at any stage, you can push a custom event to your Facebook Audience. And then you can use these events to create a Custom Audience that you can retarget on Facebook.

How to add Custom Events in Chat Flow

  • Add a Client Javascript Node in the chat flow.

  • You can track custom events by calling the pixel's fbq('trackCustom') function, with your custom event name, and (optionally) a JSON object as its parameters. For more details refer to Facebook's Documentation.

fbq('trackCustom', 'ShareDiscount', {promotion: 'share_discount_10%'});


Suppose an insurance company has this kind of a chatflow

After the selection, a custom event can be pushed to Facebook such as

fbq('trackCustom', 'Health-Insurance', {gender: 'Female'});

So, now you can create a custom audience who is interested in Health Insurance and is a female.

This way you can create a highly enriched customized audience for retargeting.

Step 3 - Create a Custom Audience

Follow Facebook's guide on how to create a Custom Audience using Website Events.

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