Messenger Ads to chatbot

While creating ads, you can run messenger. Below are steps on how to connect facebook messenger ads with chatbot.

  • Open ad manager and edit the ad. Go to "message template" section and click on "Create new" in the dropdown to create a new message template, as shown below in the image.

  • Click on "Start conversations" and Create button below that, as shown below

  • Choose desired message type among "text only", "text and image" or "text and video" and configure text/image/video.

  • In the custom action section select "Quick Replies". Add as many Quick reply options as needed.

  • For each quick reply option, in the automated response section, select "connect your bot" in dropdown. In bot payload fill PLAYBOOK_<playbook id> as shown below in the image. You can get playbook id from AI builder(in left bar hover over playbook name, click on 3 dots and select "copy id")

  • In the customer action, instead of Quick Replies, you can also use Buttons and in button payload user PLAYBOOK_<playbook id>.

  • In the 2nd step, instead of "Start conversations" you can click on "Advanced setup", define your own JSON payload as required and use PLAYBOOK<playbook id> wherever bot payload is required.

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