Different chatbot on each URLs

This page describes how you can have different chatbots on different pages of your website

Why it is good

You may have different pages on your website for example pricing page, demo page etc. Generally it is good idea if when user is on pricing page, bot tries to start conversation by asking pricing related questions such as "Would you like to talk to use to discuss about best suitable plan for you?", Whereas if user is on demo page, bot can ask "Would you like to speak to us before scheduling the demo?". This kind of customization would result in much higher engagement.

How to customize chatbot on different URLs

  1. Login to admin panel and go to AI builder from the left Menu. (You need to have Owner role to access AI builder, and it is not visible from Mobile. You can check you role by clicking on Team menu from left side bar)

  2. Create a new playbook and define its chat flow or go to existing playbook if you have already created.

  3. Navigate to configure tab of the playbook.

  4. Enter all URLs where you would like to have this playbook. You can choose match type as Exactly or Starts With as per your requirements.

  5. Save the rules.

  6. Same steps can be used to customize chatbot on all other pages of your website.

Now you can navigate to the page you have configured above(in incognito if you have already chatted with bot recently). It would trigger the playbook as per the rules configured above.

On the URLs where no playbook is configured using the rules above, default playbook(having default tag next to it) will be triggerd.

How to customize bot with minimum effort

You might have hundreds of pages on your website. Creating different chatbot for each page might take a lot effort. There might be a lot of pages where traffic is very low compared to other pages. We suggest the following tips to customize it smartly

  1. You can have one playbook on all pages which has similar content. For that you can add multiple URLs on configure tab and/or use Starts with matching type.

  2. You can have only initial 1-2 messages different on each page, while the follow up conversation can be same on all pages. To configure that, you can create a common playbook. On each page specific playbook, Add "Go to playbook" node to move to common playbook after the first few nodes.

  3. You can use Google Analytics to know which URLs are being visited more frequently, and customize chatbot for the top URLs only which covers majority of traffic. You can also consider those URLs where majority of "Good leads" come using goals on Google Analytics.

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