Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbots

Re-imagine a billion conversations happening everyday via WhatApp Chatbots powered by AI

WhatsApp Business Account

Now, you can connect with millions of WhatsApp users with your verified WhatsApp Business Account. You can use AI and automation to engage, interact and serve your customers at a lightning pace. WhatsApp chatbot has become the ubiquitous conversational tool, embraced by clients and brands alike, whether it is to send WhatsApp notifications or to interact with new or existing customers.

Why WhatsApp For Business?

πŸ”” Notifications and Alerts

Use WhatsApp Business API to send instant notifications to your customers right to their WhatsApp. WhatsApp has an average open rate of over 98%, making it the most effective channel to send notifications such as payment updates, flight notifications, booking confirmations, and more.

Since WhatsApp is not abused like SMS or Email, WhatsApp Notifications ensure higher engagements and ROI.

🀝 Engage Customers

There's no better way to engage with leads, prospects, and clients than on WhatsApp chatbots. BeΒ where your clients are.

πŸ’ Customer Support on WhatsApp

To get their queries resolved faster, customers worldwide prefer to chat with a virtual assistant. And WhatsApp Chatbot is the most popular way to talk to friends and businesses alike.

‴️ Conversational Ads on WhatsApp

Now, drive your Ad traffic to WhatsApp directly to capture verified lead information. Using AI-Powered chatbot instantly engage, qualify and connect them to your salespeople.

πŸ‘₯ Multiple Agents

Normal WhatsApp only allows one device to access a WhatsApp account at a time. You cannot let multiple people work on different chat sessions at a time. But with WhatsApp Business API, you may have multiple agents answering customer questions and inquiries with your single central number. To scale the support staff, you don't have to handle several numbers and you can now cater to 24x7 requests or have agents solving them at the same time

How WhatsApp Business API works

WhatsApp is very cautious about its users not getting spammed by businesses. So, they have ensured strict checks and policies.

Access to WhatsApp API

To keep their automation service spam-free, they have not opened their API access directly to everyone. We need to apply and request access to WhatsApp API. Don't worry, we will help you with this process. You just need to submit this form here.

Types of WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Business API has two kinds of messages

  1. Session Messages - Whenever a user messages a business on their WhatsApp number, WhatsApp considers that as the start of a session. A messaging session starts when a user sends your WhatsApp number a message and lasts for 24 hours from the last received message. Session messages do not need to follow a template. During this session, any and all messages exchanged are called Session Messages.

  2. Template Messages - Outbound messages sent via WhatsApp Business API outside of the session message window are called Template Messages. These template messages need to follow one of the pre-approved templates. These are generally unsolicited transactional messages (delivery alerts, appointment reminders, etc.) sent to users who have opted in to receive messages from you.

Template Messages can only be sent if they match the Approved Templates. If you wish to send any kind of message outside the 24-hour Session Window, you need to get your templates approved first. Our team will help you with template approval.

User Optin needed for Template Messages

WhatsApp mandates that a business needs to obtain the user opt-in before sending Template messages to them. Session messages, however, can be sent without opt-in while the session is active.

Get your own WhatsApp Bot

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